About Us A Public Relations Agency With Over 30 Years’ Pedigree...

B2B Marketing Leicester

必威体育娱乐Founded in 1987, Leapfrog Marketing has a track record for delivering successful business to business (B2B) marketing campaigns for clients throughout the UK

PR and marketing experts

Based in Leicester, we are B2B marketing and online public relations agency. Our forte is creating brand awareness, nurturing quality sales leads and building increased profit for clients via innovative marketing and PR campaigns.

Our knowledge and expertise encompasses many industries including the materials handling/logistics and transport/distribution markets, the wood processing/woodworking industry and the engineering/manufacturing sectors.

Comprehensive range of B2B marketing and online public relations services

Our services include marketing strategy, public relations, digital marketing, web design & development, graphic design & print, email marketing, video production, advertising必威体育娱乐, direct marketing, business social media and SEO.

With a growing team of highly skilled professionals, we have the ability to handle any PR or marketing challenge and have an expanding network of clients based throughout the UK.

Why would you want to partner with Leapfrog?

Because we care about your business and love seeing it flourish and grow.

It gives us a real buzz when we successfully communicate with your prospects, both on and offline, enticing them to take the first steps to becoming your customer.

必威体育娱乐When you partner with Leapfrog you’ll know exactly where you stand. We’re open, considered and candid in our approach, so we’ll tell it how it is and do what we say we’ll do. Always.

必威体育娱乐No hype, no spin.

For us it’s not about the money

Yes, of course we have to make a profit; otherwise we won’t be around to help. And, like you, we want to earn a decent living to look after our families and enjoy life.

But what really motivates us is seeing you and your business succeed.

Developing a deep understanding

Delving in to get under your corporate skin enables us to learn how your company ticks. It lays the foundation for building a successful campaign and helps lead you to ‘Ah ha’ moments that will drive your growth.

We’ll help you define the different buyer personas of your customers and prospects; clarify your strengths and weaknesses; evaluate your competition; define your key messages and your very own ‘Why’ – a hard, but vital question to answer.

Building brand awareness and sales

必威体育娱乐All this information will be assessed and applied to your business to create a tailor-made strategy to achieve your goals. The ensuing campaign will build brand awareness and sales leads via strategic digital and traditional PR and marketing.

必威体育娱乐At Leapfrog, we can handle everything from:

必威体育娱乐We revel in it all and much more.

So if you’d like to work with a company that always has your best interests at heart and helps you find and keep customers, perhaps you should give us a call (0116 278 7788) or drop us an email:必威体育娱乐 – we’d love to hear from you.